Best 20 Whatsapp DP Images (Wallpapers) for Boys

Best 20 Whatsapp DP Images (Wallpapers) for Boys

Your WhatsApp DP shows your personality. Whether boys or girls, they always choose the DP what they would like to say to others or what they feel connected with. You will always notice a hidden message in all the Whatsapp DP images for boys.

Here are some latest and best Whatsapp DP for boys:


This WhatsApp wallpaper for boys shows full attitude. If you are trying to say something or prove something but you do not want to show it directly, you can use this wallpaper.


Many times what happens is that people take undue advantage of what you say or do. So to prove that you are hurt, you can get your picture clicked with your face hidden just as shown in this boy profile pic for WhatsApp.

If you have a partner and you are missing her, you can try to use this WhatsApp DP for boys. This gives a cute message to everyone who is seeing this DP.


If you want to show that you are full of life and attitude, then this WhatsApp wallpaper for boys will be perfect for you. This shows that there is a joker who’s face is painted but he has all the guts to show to the world that he is capable of doing everything.


If you are fallen in love and that person has ditched you for no reason, then you can use this quotation WhatsApp DP.


If you are a very religious boy, and you are in search of some religious wallpaper. Then this Whatsapp DP for boys perfect as your wallpaper.


Trying to show that you love junk food, or if you are in search of a new kind of candid picture for your Whatsapp DP, try clicking a photo like this. This will look so cool and aesthetic.


You want to tell the world that you are the best version of yourself, try using this quote over any random photo of yours. You will get compliments.


Try to click a photo like this in the middle of the street. This will prove to be your best ever WhatsApp DP.


Drinking coffee or tea, try posing like this in front of your mirror. Use your tripod and stand to place the camera and keep it handsfree. Pose like this with a coffee mug. See how cool does this look?


So next when you are getting ready for any sports for your college, ask your friend to click a candid while tying shoe laces. This is another good candid pose.


Your first-ever interview? Getting ready for it? give a pose like a poser with a complete attitude. This is a good candid shot for your WhatsApp DP.


Goa is the best place to click your WhatsApp kind of DPs. So when you are on some beach side, pick any random flower and pose with it. try to show more of beach, sand and sea. This looks so real and surreal.


On a road trip with your friends and family? Try posing like this in the middle of the greenery. This is probably the best shot for your next Dp.


If you are getting ready for a party and you wish to change your whatsapp DP, you can pose while using your perfume. What a classy Dp this is.


Getting ready for a family wedding function? You have the perfect background for your DP. Hold the flowers in your hand and pose with your back. This will give a complete attitude Dp for you.


want to give a solo candid for your next whatsapp DP change? Try this pose. Take rest of any wall near you and pose like a poser.


If you love music and love playing any instrument, you can also pose with your favourite musical instrument. Here in this, it is a boy holding a guitar, you can pose with your favourite instrument.


Dancing your worries out with this super cute dancing pose – ask someone to get this picture of yours while dancing. The catch is that the photographer has to be quick enough to get your precise pose.

While waiting for your friends, ask someone to take this picture for you. This can be your casual WhatsApp DP change.



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